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I had a fire last year in the box and central network had to change the meter to a digital one.We did of course point out that we told them we were moving AND we have their confirmation of receiving this information AND we have the final bill they sent us TO THE NEW ADDRESS.Came back to property on 13 January 2008 after university vacation to find several threatening letters re termination of supply, court orders, etc.

Npower I have been with for 15 years great company and brilliant customer services.Npower is no longer as pathetically useless as it used to be.My daughter was in credit with NPower when she changed energy suppliers.After dozens of calls and emails and two failed appointments they finally came to change my meter so they could check the old one out.The competition between energy providers has picked up this week as Scottish Power launches the longest ever. npower also launched.

The cold winter snap just got snappier following news that energy prices are on the rise.Five days later I received a reminder by email for the gas inspection that never happened.He joined them a year ago and from the outset claimed that the gas charge was way too high.I tried to email npower (not possible unelss you are an existing customer), and also tried to phone them ( 20 mins waiting time anticipated on hold at 7pm), but gave up.I have spent the best part of 3 months trying desperately to help its many fed up customers.Twice Ive had appointments for somone to come and change it over and the first time they just didnt show up.Pay less for units consumed during the seven hour night period.Their typical tactic is to lure customers in with low initial fixed-rate tariffs lasting a. for mis-selling energy deals.

Now have to wait for a call out up to 24 hours to replace the meter when in fact I only need a new key.Changed from n power to new supplier in June 2010, paid one payment for duel fuel by direct debit.I am currently in a small, one bedroomed place while I wait to move in to my new place.The Guides Network is a trading style of Fubra Limited, hosted by CatN.They also had the cheek to send someone to my house to try to get me to switch my gas account to them also AFTER I had complained to them.Bil gone up by 50%, asked for them to reduce it and then they sent me a higher bill two days later.

I had serious problems with NPower when I moved into my current home.I will change when I find one who truly cares about customer service.

When I finally (after approx. 10 months) managed to get through to them to change companies and get rid of the meters and change to ordinary ones they tried to charge me additional monies.No apology, No kiss my butt nothing. we are changing on Monday.Just one issue with Npower is the 6 monthly statements which I find a long interval between statements.

Due to increased prices announced October used a comparison site and then completed the online paper work to switch to N.Power for a 15month pre-increase fixed price contract.After swapping back, I received a final bill from Npower for 30 odd quid.

Well I am stuck it seems and caught between a rock and a hard place.Yet they have estimated my average monthly usage over the year at 50% more than my peak usage in the winter.Neither of these things have happened and they charged me extra again this month.

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Note. I have been making numerous phone calls to get this issue resolved and all you get is passing the buck or endless beating around the bush.The fireman had turned the electric off a the mains and it had stayed that way.Moved into a small, well insulated flat in Oct 5th 07 living alone with no tumble dryer (I hardly ever had the heating on).Ebico - Best Energy Deals. If your electricity meter has a fixed standing charge and unit rate,.

Then yesterday, we had a message on our phone saying Npower were sorry to learn of our complaint and would like someone to come and check our meter as the reading is obviously wrong.Having to transfer money from saving to keep current account in credit.

For some weird reason my gas is the sign online 11 and electricity is sign online 13.

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Also when I rang to cancel my direct debit with them as I was moving home, they were very rude.After returning to them after a previous experience of bad customer relations and being reassured that things had changed, I have been with them for little over a month and have now decided to return to my previous energy supplier.She phoned NPower regularly to see when she could expect to receive her credit which NPower agreed they owed her.

I have been with npower quite a while had a few financial problems npower have refused my offer to pay the bill, ignored my requests and gained a warrant of execution to make me have a prepaid meter surely this must be illegal.If you get no help from them go to consumer direct they will fight your cause, their site is, telephone number is 08454 040 506.

Scottish Power refused to fit a standard rate meter as the Economy 7 one has a hurrendously expensive day rate and only benefits people with storage heaters really.Finally managed to get through to someone to complain in August 2007, still waiting.Prices are not fixed. you may be better off choosing the standard variable rate instead.Reading these comments about npower makes me realise what a bunch of clowns I have been working for.Told them to stuff their services and cut me off out of principle.After further complaints and threats of legal action they reduced the direct debit to the previous amount, although they are still claiming the outstanding balance.I was with N Power until may this year, having a good idea that all suppliers would put prices up again this winter, I decided to switch suppliers and fix them until June next year.

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